Attention Computer and Software Dealers | Digital Marketers

Become an Affiliate Within minutes and start earning a regular Income.

Follow the Steps below

1. Create an Account at

2. Watch the How to Video Tutorials from the Product Site

3. Login to the Site

4. Agree to the Affiliate Terms and Conditions from User Control Panel.

5. Get the Affiliate Marketing link from the User control Panel

6. Send the link to the customers , share it on social media etc.

7. Affiliate gets paid when the customer Registers from this link and Purchases One Time Plan or Renews the Monthly subscription Plan.

8. In case of Monthly Subscription customer, it will be a recurring income for the affiliate.

Other Terms

1. Contract Period => 1 Year | Renewable based on the Agreed terms and conditions at that Time
2. Invoice needs to be Raised by the affiliate at the beginning of every month.
3. Tax will be deducted at the source (TDS) based on the Invoice Amount.
4. Currently this scheme is only for Indian Affiliates

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